California Wildfires and Property Contamination

Written By: Adam Fillmore

Written By: Adam Fillmore


Depiction showing California wildfire. EHS Analytical Solutions performs Fire and Smoke Assessment to determine contaminants of concern and prepares remediation protocols

Smoke damage and contamination from California Wildfires is complex. Ensure a Fire & Smoke Assessment and Remediation Plan is developed by a professional.

Has your property been affected by California wildfires?

If so, you may be wondering, is my property, buildings, or home contaminated from smoke, ash, or other hazardous material? Who should make this professional determination? How do I have it properly cleaned and remediated? Air pollution and indoor air quality are also common concerns. After a California wildfire or building fire, it’s important to have your property properly tested and evaluated for fire, smoke and soot damage as well as other potential hazardous materials which may have contaminated your property. Proper testing and evaluations should be performed by a professional.

How to have your property evaluated for contamination.

We do not recommend using a remediation company to make these determinations on your behalf. During California wildfires and structure fires, hazardous combustion by-products can be released and carried long distances from strong winds. This type of contamination may affect your soil, where you have gardens, and the exterior and interior of your home. Combustion by-products may also affect indoor air quality, due to the type of materials that have burned in the area or what building materials may have been disturbed during the fire, such as asbestos. A qualified expert is recommended to assist with these necessary evaluations. Smoke damage and contamination from California Wildfires is complex.

EHS Analytical Solutions, Inc. can evaluate your property, perform the proper testing, and develop a professional remediation plan for restoration contractors. Insurance companies also benefit greatly from this service. Our Fire & Smoke Assessment and Remediation plan provides proper clean-up methods and remediation based on analytical data and scope of impact. A accurate and successful remediation saves considerable time and money. Proper remediation ensures the home owner and insurance company are satisfied, and the property can be safely used again. EHS Analytical Solutions, Inc. can work with you, your insurance adjuster, property management, or remediation company to provide the correct solution. We will develop remediation protocols for your property based on analytical testing data and professional observations and experience. Having an expert perform these measures will help ensure that your property, buildings/home, and indoor air quality are properly evaluated. A report will be generated to communicate these findings and appropriate cleaning and remediation protocols will be provided. A remediation company can use these protocols to then properly clean and perform remediation on any impacted areas.

EHS Analytical Solutions, Inc. uses science, analytical testing, and professional experience to provide solutions on how to properly clean and restore areas which have been impacted by combustion by-products or other hazardous materials. Once remediation is complete, we can verify and document that the remediation was successful and the property was brought back to pre-loss condition. This verification measure includes a visual assessment, appropriate sampling of impacted materials/locations, building substrates, and in some cases, verifying indoor air quality.

EHS Analytical Solutions, Inc. uses Senior Certified Industrial Hygienists or CIH’s to perform Fire and Smoke Impact Assessments and prepare Remediation Plans. Our CIHs have professional experience evaluating California wildfire impacted properties from residential homes to commercial properties, such as Universities and Medical Centers. Our CIH’s are highly qualified experts who can evaluate and control chemical, biological, and physical hazards. We are professionals who are devoted to protect and enhance the health and safety of people at work and in their communities. 

Please visit our Fire and Smoke Impact Assessment Services page for more information or feel free to call us at 619-288-3094 to schedule an assessment.

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